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Fire Awareness Training for a Safer Workplace

Fire training is an easy and effective way to improve fire safety in the workplace but it is important to understand what to look for in a training programme. This article discusses the topics which should be covered and what to look for in a training course, allowing you to effectively create a safer place and meet government legislation.

Fire is one of the most feared dangers in any workplace, due to its potential to rapidly develop and spread and cause severe damage, injury and even death. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it business owners responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on your premises and in the immediate vicinity. Giving your staff appropriate fire health and safety training is an easy way to ensure that hazards are avoided, identified and fixed, and for managing the incident or evacuation in the case of a fire.


A good fire training course will cover not only what to do in the case of a fire, but a number of key areas. Giving employees an understanding of the nature of fire, such as how they start and their behaviour, will provide a deeper level of understanding into the other subjects, helping to ensure that information is understood and retained. You may also want to consider a fire awareness training course which incorporates fire signage, giving employees an insight into what fire safety symbols and signs mean, enabling their instructions to be followed easily by members of staff, resulting in a safer workplace. Fire hazards are another key area for any fire awareness training programme. Teaching employees about the ways fires may be caused in your workplace will reduce the chances of a fire.

Finally, an emergency procedure should also be included in your fire training course. The handling of an emergency situation really can make the difference between life and death, so it is important that staff know how to raise the alarm, call the fire service and evacuate safely. Fire extinguisher training will also help staff in the event of a fire. A training course should include which fire extinguisher to use on each type of fire, allowing staff to handle a fire safely.Some fire awareness training programmes are accompanied by a short test. Tests enable staff to prove what they have learnt and, if the certificates are printable, give you proof that you have actively worked to make your workplace a safer environment.

Engaging, Convenient and Cost-Effective

For any of this information to be of any use at all, a fire training programme must engage students. A modern way for fire health and safety to be carried out is through an online or CD-ROM based interactive learning programme. Interactive fire awareness training programmes may consist of videos, images, questions and text, which will promote engagement through variety. By promoting active participation rather than passive listening (as in the case of traditional teacher-led safety training), staff are more likely to remember information. CD-ROMs and online fire safety training is convenient as it can be carried out at any time, at work or at home, and often take as little as 30minutes. They are also cost effective, costing as little as £20 for a single participant, or £100 per annum and just £3 for each participant.

iHASCO provide a range of interactive health and safety training courses, including fire awareness training. Their programmes are cost effective and time effective, creating a safer working environment and enabling employers to meet health and safety legislation. Fire awareness training

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Design Considerations to Make Before Requesting a Fitted Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room of the home, and its design is fundamental to its success as a cooking, dining and entertaining area. Gain an understanding of how to create an effective layout for your new fitted kitchen, and read which key points need to be considered.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A room which tends to serve the purpose of providing a meeting place, entertainment room, utility room, and serve its primary functions of cooking and dining, your kitchens design needs to adapt to a diverse range of functions, as well as being inviting and attractive. It is one of the more expensive rooms of the house to decorate, with fitted kitchens expected to serve their purpose and look attractive for many years, or even a decade. The design of your kitchen is therefore more important than any other room.

Obviously you are planning to let the design experts work their magic in your kitchen when you request a fitted kitchen quote. But it helps to consider a few simple aspects of design to ensure that your designers are offering you a functional and suitable design. Good commercial kitchens rely on the work triangle, a design which should be implemented in the home too. Your oven, sink and fridge create this triangle, and they should be as close together as possible without becoming cramped, with the cooker and sink closest together. The work triangle should help you gain an understanding of the basic layout of fitted kitchens, although it is not necessarily the best design option for all kitchens.

If you are remodelling your existing kitchen you are likely to be maintaining its current layout, but if you are changing anything around remember to consider plugs, water pipes and switches. The most common fitted kitchens are the one-wall kitchen, the galley kitchen, the U shaped kitchen, the G shaped kitchen and the L shaped kitchen. Consider the size and shape of your room, and whether or not you require a dining area. You can choose to create a breakfast bar or island unit if space permits, although these are too space-restrictive for many kitchens. Professional designers of fitted kitchens will use a planner tool to plan how each of your units and appliances will fit into your space before offering you your fitted kitchen quote. Free online tools enable you to do this yourself at home if you are undecided of which shape of kitchen will suit your home best.

If you require appliances for your new fitted kitchen consider your requirements and space. If you are fortunate enough to have a separate utility area this will maximise your kitchen space, but if not, you will need to account for your washing machine and/or tumble drier in your units. Would you prefer separate oven and hobs or not? Your choice of oven and hobs will depend upon whether you are using a gas or electricity power supply, or whether you can have dual fuel. Also consider whether you prefer your fridge to be built into fitted kitchens or not, some units enable appliances such as the fridge and freezer to be concealed inside the units.

Kitchens For Sale offer a free online kitchen planning tool and more tips on how to plan your dream fitted kitchen. Browse their kitchen styles and request a free online quote for your design.Fitted kitchen quote

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Things Trainers Look for When Considering Training Venue Hire

Large training rooms with good layout and excellent lighting, ease of access and value for money are the main things that good training and conference venues are able to provide. What experienced trainers want is something more than that; no interruptions during training sessions, exclusivity, immediate solutions to break downs and light meals to avoid tiredness after lunch.

There are many trainers in the Universe, from those with little experience running their first event to those who have been facilitating training sessions for the last 40 years. There are many basic needs that are shared in common, that most training and conference centres are able to provide; large training rooms with good layout, excellent lighting, value for money and ease of access. Feedback over the years indicates that there are also important things that trainers want, and only the good and experienced training and conference venues know what they are.

1. To be left alone

Once the greeting is complete and the session is in flow, the experienced trainer just wants to be left in control. Momentum is very important and no trainer wants to be interrupted by staff, other people looking for their training room or even fire drills. Good training requires smooth flow, and training venues that provide that are preferred. Training and conference venues that communicate well around fire drills and are well signed so people can find the toilets and dont end up wandering into training rooms, are preferred by experienced trainers as they know they will not be interrupted.

2. Exclusivity

Although experienced trainers know they often have to share the conference venue with other groups, they want their message to go across loud and clear. Experienced trainers are well aware of the dangers of dilution and cross contamination which occurs when delegates get to use their breaks to speak with people from different companies. Trainers prefer the breaks to continue, reinforce and even strengthen the message. This is why they believe it helps to have delegates sitting in the same areas for breaks and lunch. Training and conference centres which provide exclusivity during pre-training meet up, break times and during meals satisfy one of the key trainers wants.

3. Immediate solutions to breakdowns

The most experienced trainers know that even in the best training and conference venues things can go wrong; medical emergencies, security alerts or even power outages or technology breakdowns. The difference with good training venues is how quickly things can be put back on track. Trainers are very aware that long breaks in delegate attention and concentration can ruin training sessions. If an unexpected break occurs, its vital that things can be solved really quickly, otherwise the impact of the training will be lost. So, experienced trainers want immediate, on site assistance when things go pear shaped.

4. Light meals

Every trainer and conference host is acutely aware of the graveyard session. This is the period after lunch when attention and concentration fall off to nearly zero. While interactivity and fun games can help, its up to the venue to control correct temperature, good ventilation and most of all light meals. A training and conference centre which helps provide fresh, motivated delegates - especially for the graveyard session - is one a good trainer will appreciate and hire again and again.

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue is dedicated exclusively to providing high standards of training and conference facilities, and has an excellent reputation for the quality of its service. Visit their website today to find the best venue for your next training or conference event. This place is good for Edinburgh conferences

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Sales Recruitment - Make The Most of It

Sales recruitment
If you are not an expert in sales candidate selection, you may hire someone who doesnt work out or reject someone with great potential. There is a special set of skills and personality that makes candidates right for sales jobs. While some of them can be learned, others are very hard to change. So, make sure you give the right importance to the right ones and select your next sales star.

If a high proportion of your sales people can not sell well, chances are that you are simply not sure what differentiates an excellent sales performer from those who are not quite so good. For instance, many sales recruiters will say that being pleasant and friendly are critical to selling. While these skills are important, especially when making new contacts or breaking the ice during a sales meeting, they are not enough to ensure that your candidate will help solve a problem or make a profit for both the buyer and your company. They may empathise so much with the customer that they mistake building business rapport with getting friendly.

This is why many good sales people dont have the best social skills, but they have the ability to influence others and are not afraid to get customers to make commitments. Clearly, there is a specific combination of skills and personality traits that you need to look for when selecting sales people. So, what makes a good sales person? Good sales people are curious, hungry for knowledge and have an insatiable desire to succeed. They always prepare before the meeting to make sure they know their customers' business and understand their needs. Find out if your candidates like to learn new things and if they are open to new ideas. Ask them why they want the job and see how much research they did on your company before the interview.

While knowledge about your company and products can be learned, attitudes cant be taught so easily. Great sales people are positive, confident and resilient. When interviewing sales candidates, learn about the history of their interpersonal attitudes to see how they are likely to behave with customers and team members, as well as how they face set backs. This is important because selling is about taking on regular rejection. Good sales people deal very well with rejection because they have the certainty that things will work out in the end. Top sales people are good listeners, which means they dont just sit there waiting for the customer to stop talking, but hear the meanings and the emotions behind the words.

This is important, because one main purpose of a sales meeting is to find out what customers really need. And this is not possible if the seller doesn't have the ability to understand their customers feelings and motives. If your candidate answers your question with a sentence that runs on for fifteen minutes, then you know that he or she is unlikely to be what you are looking for. A good sales job candidate will listen actively to what you are saying and answer your interview questions straight to the point without flourishing their discourse with irrelevant stories. Its important to remember that sales recruitment involves a serious investment of time and money, so keep in mind that settling for anything less than the right candidate will just bring you back to the same productivity issues.

The Sales Recruitment Agency provides expert assistance and a quality service to prospective sales staff and employers alike. The Sales Recruitment Agency allows employers to view a diverse pool of sales talent while matching candidates to their favoured roles.
Link .

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How Do The Latest SEO Developments Affect Your Website?

If your site’s PageRank has been unceremoniously affected by Google’s recent algorithmic changes, there is a high chance that you have been doing something to invite the wrath of this mighty search engine. The one thing that is inevitable is change. Google seems to live by this motto as is seen in its constant endeavour to update its algorithms in order to provide its users with a better search experience. Google has strict quality guidelines, which determine the page rank of the websites indexed by its spiders. Sites that violate these guidelines get penalised in the form of decreased rankings and less visibility.

Google’s Panda update, released in February 2011, was rolled out to penalise sites which featured low quality content. This move seriously affected scrapers and spammers, who thrived on thin, unoriginal content, intended to somehow spam or manipulate the search results and rank highly on the SERPs. Since its inception, Google has been releasing regular updates to its Panda algorithm, the recent ones being on 17th April and 27th April 2012, ensuring high quality searches.

The Penguin update, released by Google on 24th April 2012, further attempts to tighten the noose around websites that indulge in unscrupulous link schemes intertwined with article directories, content mills, doorway pages, etc. This update is known to have affected around 3% of the search queries and instead of content, targets primarily spammy links. High quality, relevant links from authoritative domains in the same niche as your website indicates that your site is useful and offers valuable content to users.

But if yours contains too many unnatural links from link exchanges, substandard blog networks and article directories, or feature a high number of sponsored/paid links from unrelated or low quality sites, your rankings might dramatically decrease. In the same breath, websites with too many backlinks with exact match keywords in the anchor text will also suffer because of the Penguin update. Placing links in the footers and over-optimising the content to manipulate search results is also a bad idea! Whereas the Panda update involves a manual element, the Penguin update is automatic. But all in all, the use of anchor text diversity, different keywords and contextual links in your content can make your site “Penguin-proof”, and fresh, original, and useful content can make your site “Panda-proof” at least until further major updates!

Search engine rankings are truly volatile. Though it is extremely important to follow Google webmaster’s guidelines in order to remain favourable, the quality of search query results and organic SEO still remains a debatable. You need to be constantly on top of things to ensure that your PageRanks stay well within satisfactory levels. For more information and help on the latest SEO techniques,click here. It is absolutely essential to create high quality sites that offer a good user experience and employ white hat SEO methods to ensure that no major kind or number of tweaks are required by your site for every future Google update!

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